Teams are built at the start of projects and disbanded upon completion in our industry and I noticed a few team members that I have come to rely on and Acoustics Plus is one of those companies.

Thanks for all you have done to help me accomplish my job with effectiveness, timeliness, reliability and quality.

Every job, without exception, since we were introduced in 1995, an 85,000 sf occupied renovation with 5 phases to a more recent small break room upgrade, Acoustics Plus has come through. I appreciate your willingness to help me budget jobs, work within the framework of our company, man the job appropriately, the attention to detail, quality and safety. It is also reassuring to me that your office staff are the same guys I worked with while I was Superintending in the field. I believe this helps make communications more accurate and they understand the pressures put upon our field forces as a result of the field experience.

The jobs I run might be from several hundred dollars to millions of dollars and I can tell you today, I appreciate your willingness to handle the big jobs and the small ones. They are all jobs with people relying on us to perform and your firm seems to get that – we put our name on every job big or small.

After all these years I think a sincere “Thank You” is in order and here it is. Keep up the good work. I look forward to many more successful jobs with Acoustics Plus.

Dan Smith – Project Manager
Shiel Sexton Company, Inc.

Someone recommended Acoustics Plus to us when we needed to replace our basement ceiling. They were very reasonably priced and did a fantastic job for us. We found them to be very professional and the workmanship was excellent. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

David & Rita Dodd

I have worked with Acoustics Plus for a few years now and I cannot think of a better teammate on my construction team. They have always been fair, dependable, dedicated, and trustworthy. There is never any doubt that when it comes to my ceiling needs, they will have answers I need. Their work is top quality!

Charlie Wheeler
Capitol Construction Services, Inc.

I have always been impressed with Acoustics Plus. Their prompt service and quality of work are top-notch which is why I continue to use them all these years later.

Jamie A. Gardner
JRF Construction, Inc.

Acoustics Plus is a high class operation with traits of honesty and integrity that solidify their place in the construction industry. It is now, and has always been, a pleasure to do business with them.

Thomas Frank
Specialty Products & Insulation