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Acoustics Plus proudly provides our clients with a wide range of reliable and innovative acoustical services and installations to ensure the optimal comfort and performance of their spaces. We offer quality products from top brands, and our expertise in the acoustical sector cannot be beat.

Acoustical Ceilings

Most of the commercial projects we work on consist of acoustical ceilings. Often called ‘drop ceilings,’ these systems provide acoustic absorption and insulation to minimize noise pollution and improve the quality of conversation in a space. We install several types of acoustical ceilings, including:

Drywall grid ceilings

These prefab systems provide an efficient ceiling solution that can help cut down on construction time and improve sound quality in the space. We often install drywall grid ceilings in retail stores, restaurants, offices and more, due to the substantial benefits they offer, including sound absorption, cost-efficiency, and fire resistance.

Wood ceilings

Wood ceilings offer a versatile and aesthetically pleasing option while addressing the acoustic needs of a space. Used in a variety of settings, including large spaces such as auditoriums, conference rooms, and restaurants, wood ceiling panels can help diffuse, absorb, or reflect sound waves to ensure a comfortable and functional environment.

Metal ceilings

Metal ceiling panels can be designed to effectively absorb sound waves by incorporating micro-perforations or acoustic backing, allowing for reduced echo and reverberation. Often applied to large structures such as performance halls or theaters, metal ceiling panels can have a dramatic effect on the sound quality in the space.

Wall Panels

Acoustical panels are the preferred choice for spaces that typically experience excessive ambient noise caused by echo and reverberation. These panels absorb sound, creating a more pleasant acoustic setting with improved speech clarity and lower noise levels.

Fabric-wrapped panels

These panels consist of a sound-absorbing core material, typically either fiberglass or mineral wool, wrapped in an acoustically-transparent fabric. They’re designed to reduce noise and control echo in large, open spaces such as auditoriums, lobbies, and atriums. We can help project owners and designers explore customization options that provide the right visual appeal.

Acoustical felt

As a versatile sound-dampening material, acoustical felt has a vast range of uses in an acoustic context, from wall and ceiling panels to baffles, clouds and more. We can install acoustical felt wall panels in commercial spaces such as restaurants, offices, recording studios, and other large spaces in which sound quality is a concern.

Slat wood panels

Acoustical wood panels can drastically improve the acoustic quality of interior spaces while adding a natural aesthetic element. Our team can install these panels on both walls and ceilings to offer maximum sound absorption. There are several panel thicknesses and finishes available that offer acoustical and aesthetic benefits.

PVC-wrapped panels

For large spaces with a lot of traffic, such as auditoriums, arenas, kennels, manufacturing facilities and more, PVC-wrapped panels provide an effective, economical acoustical solution with durable and easy-to-clean surfaces. These can be customized to fit the aesthetic needs of the project.

Wedge panels

Featuring a series of angled ridges and troughs on their surface, these lightweight foam panels offer superior sound-absorbing capabilities due to their unique design and porous material. These are often used in recording studios, theaters and performance halls to create a controlled acoustic environment.

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

For areas in which wall space is limited, acoustic clouds can provide sound control while adding unique aesthetic value. These customizable suspended panels help reduce noise and enhance acoustic comfort, making them ideal for open offices, restaurants, and large venues.
Custom Solutions
While many projects don’t require a fully customized acoustic solution, our relationships with some of the top brands in the industry allow us to deliver acoustical systems that fit the exact specifications and aesthetic requirements of the project. Some of the customization options include:
Specialty Services
Our speciality services go beyond standard acoustic ceiling installations and typically involve more specialized techniques, materials, or applications to address unique acoustic challenges or meet specific client needs. Soundproofing between rooms or floors, vibration control systems, clouds and baffles are just a few examples of our specialty capabilities.
Acoustics Testing & Consulting Services
As acoustic experts, we offer testing and analysis services to assess the acoustic performance of existing spaces. This may include sound measurements or other analytical exercises that help identify acoustic issues. Armed with what we find, we’ll recommend viable solutions that meet the needs of the space.
Commercial Applications
Our expertise extends to a wide variety of commercial settings, including:
Subcontracting and Acoustic Retrofitting
While we often serve as subcontractors on new construction projects, we’re equally skilled in acoustic retrofitting for existing spaces. If your commercial location suffers from poor acoustics, we have the knowledge and experience to make the necessary improvements, transforming your space into one that’s acoustically ideal.

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At Acoustics Plus, we believe in providing acoustical solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the project. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also acoustically exceptional.